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Keep trash clean of empty mockups


Currently when I accidently create an empty mockup (which I do often :slight_smile: ) and I delete it immeditely, then I have an empty mockup in the trash bin. If a mockup is completely empty, I guess you could just automatically remove it from the trash permanently.


That’s a great idea. I’ll add it to the list. :smile:


To extend this slightly - I sometimes make a clone of an existing mockup and immediately change my mind. I’d love an option to permanently delete (with a confirmation prompt as a safety measure). Otherwise I have to go into the trash to find and remove it. I only want to keep stuff in trash that I might eventually want to restore.

Maybe what we need is an “archive” folder that’s separate from “trash”, for stuff we just want to hide away until it’s needed in the future. Then trash can be just for… well…trash!


Hey @Chris_Gatland, I like being able to archive stuff that you don’t necessarily need now, but may want later. In an upcoming release, we are going to introduce the ability to group mockups.

Would creating an “archive” group of mockups work for you? Or would having a trash-like “bin” for archives be better suited for what you are envisioning?


Hi @Brendan_Saricks. An archive group/folder would be ideal. Even better if we can create >1 group to categorise things further (eg you could layer up features for various different product release phases like this)

Would you be able to open a group and then browse and edit those mockups in the usual way? (unlike the current trash folder)


They would be nested in your Navigator (similar to Keynote’s grouping) and you would be able to browse/edit/delete them like you would any other mockup. :slight_smile: