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Keyboard set to qwerty within balsamiq


Hi !
I don’t know how, but my keybord has switched from AZERTY (I am French) to QWERTY within balsamiq (in all other apllications on my PC it is still AZERTY).
Do you know what I have done and how I can set my keyboard back to AZERTY in balsamiq?
Thanks for your help !



Dude, that’s totally CRAZERTY!

Hope you find a solution :smile:


Hi Max,
Hmm, haven’t heard of that before. We’ll investigate.

  • Leon



I solved my problem very easily… I went out balsamiq and opened my project again : keyboard back to French… it’s weird !!!
I am happy i can go on my work, I am sorry to have bothered you with my “fake” problem, I am a little frustrated I haven’t understood what happened…

Have a good Friday and have a good weekend !



French guys are known no to be very clever, but what is your play on word ? I love to do play on word in french, but I am not fluent enough to understand yours… thanks !



:blush: …it was a play on “crazy”. Like a mix of “crazy” & “AZERTY”.