Keyboard shortcut for cycling through widgets


I would be more productive if I never used my mouse. As such using the mouse to select a widget is inefficient. It would be nice if there was a keyboard shortcut that allowed me to cycle forward and backward through the widgets in a mockup. Selecting each one as it cycled, so I could then edit/move the widget.


I like this idea, Chris, but my worry would be that as a wireframe grows in complexity, the number of controls on it would grow, and I wonder if that would make cycling through them more difficult.

Also, how would we decide on the order of the cycling? Would you want to see it as the order they were placed on the wireframe, vicinity to the previously selected control, etc?

I want to explore this a bit because I occasionally find myself in the same predicament, but haven’t come up with a good answer to those questions.


Hi Brendan,
Thanks for replying. Yes as wireframes grow in complexity the shortcut would have less value. And I’m sure Balsamiq has lots of clients with very complex wireframes, however, I think a good design process would move to a high fidelity prototyping tool once the wireframes started to become complex and enriched.

I’m using Balsamiq for rapidly creating multiple, lightweight wireframe options for a user story which I then move to a high fidelity prototyping tool after a wireframe has been decided upon. Which I think is the best and intended use of the product. And having keyboard shortcuts helps me with this.

For the order of the cycling, proximity would be too fuzzy. Perhaps order of last selected component. So a unique history of selections is kept and gets cycled through in order. If you selected component 2, 3, 2, 3 ,1 (1 being last) then the cycling would go 1,3,2 - 1,3,2.



I dig it, Chris.

I’ll bring it up with the team and we will discuss it. If other folks would like to see this, like this post or reply below.

Thanks for taking the time to walk me through that, Chris. Stuff like this is really helpful to us! Let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see.