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Keyboard shortcut requests

  1. Property inspector: Alt-Enter is one of the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts for getting properties to show. If it’s possible for a single command to have multiple keyboard shortcuts, could we add that one? Since the new inspector no longer appears automatically upon selection, I instinctively tried Alt-Enter, before finding the Ctrl-; keyboard shortcut in the menu.
  2. Treat as markup: I use this command quite a bit. It would be super helpful to have a keyboard shortcut for it, maybe Ctrl-Shift-K to go along with the existing Ctrl-K “Show/hide markup” toggle?
  3. Context menu: It would be useful to show keyboard shortcuts in the context menu (when right-clicking on an element), just like they show up in the main drop-down menus.

Keyboard shortcut request

All great ideas! Added all to our feature request tracker, thanks!


This is implemented in the latest build: - thanks so much for the great idea!


We added support for ALT+Enter in the latest build, check it out:


Done! Added in build 999.942, coming right up:


You guys are incredible! Be careful, by responding this quickly, you’re conditioning me to ask for more and more things!


One very, very small thing:

  1. Press Ctrl-L to make the UI library visible
  2. Press / to access Quick Add
  3. Type icon then Enter; a blank icon is added to the canvas
  4. Now press Alt-Enter - nothing happens. The Quick Add input retains focus and the inspector is not shown.

(Note that if you use the traditional Ctrl-; shortcut instead, the inspector is shown, even when the Quick Add input has focus.)


I am missing a shortcut that would make my day much easier. When I add an icon I would like the possibility to set focus in Icon Search directly.


I @Markus! In B3 we added icons to Quick Add, so you could type / or +, then type the name of the icon and ENTER (or SHIFT+ENTER to make it appear under your mouse, another little feature we added yesterday).

This should help, right?


Ahh, downloaded the latest version now. That’s awsome!
Maybe a shortcut to adjust the size of an icon also? :slight_smile:


This feature really is a useful addition to B3.

The only downside to me is that it only lets you select a basic icon and I use the “icon with label” as much, if not more, than the basic icon.


I would add the following shortcuts to the wishlist (they are very useful!):

  • Ctrl+Tab to navigate to the next mockup in the list;
  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab to navigate to the previous mockup in the list.

Thank you!


I’ve seen the shortcuts are back in the latest version. Thank you so much! :smile:


I’m glad you noticed those. :slight_smile: I was going to let you know as things calmed down a bit. Thanks for your suggestion!


I will keep this thread alive with two other requests:

In the mockup list (left pane):

  • Delete to trash a mockup;
  • F2 to rename a mockup.

I understand that the focus always seems to be in the canvas, but if there is no selection in the canvas, those two commands could be handled by the list.

Thank you!


We’ll think about the Delete shortcut. :smile:

For renaming, we actually have a shortcut already: CTRL+ALT+R (+R on Mac). I know that’s saved me a lot of time!


Thanks for the answer!

If F2 (on Windows) is not currently used for something else in Balsamiq, I would change the keyboard shortcut (or support both keys) for it since it is the default “rename” key for Windows and all windows apps.


F2 is used for editing text. So we won’t be able to take that one. It’s the very first thing on our keyboard shortcut list:


I just had a thought: Could delete work in the asset and trash list?

split this topic #20

I moved a post to an existing topic: [Defect] Zoom in and out gets stuck if using keyboard shortcut