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Keyboard (up/down) support for the Navigator


Looks like I will have to use the mouse to navigate between mockups. If I select a page in navigator and have not clicked anywhere else in the mockup canvas for that page, the focus is still on the navigator and I expect the UP/DOWN arrow to allow me to navigate between Mockup pages. Right now the UP/DOWN arrows always work on the canvas. This makes sense after I click into the canvas.


This is planned, hang tight!


I was just writing up a new topic to suggest this behavior go away when the forum suggested this topic.

Too often I click a thumbnail in the Navigator, then move the mouse over the drawing and scroll, and then decide to jump to the top or bottom of the mockup using Page Up or Page Down. But nope, the navigator selection moves instead, and I’m suddenly looking at a different mockup. I guess you can’t make everyone happy all the time…

Perhaps as a compromise, you could use a mouse scroll action over a mockup as a trigger for shifting focus from the Navigator to the canvas? Honestly not sure if that’s even technically possible.


I am going to talk to the devs about this @ebow because I think it’s a good compromise.

My worry is that we won’t be able to change focus on a mouse scroll. But if we can, we will talk about implementing it :slight_smile:

Sorry for any frustration we are causing you with this :person_frowning:


I didn’t know my request was fixed. I just downloaded the latest version and checked it out. It already works the way ebow is requesting it. But, I am on MAC. Thanks for fixing this.