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Layer ordering after cropping bug


I am unable to “Bring Forward” or “Send Backward” using keyboard shortcuts immediately after cropping an image.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Place an object on the canvas
  2. Place another object which you will be able to crop on the canvas overlapping the first
  3. Crop the second object, and select “Crop Image” to confirm the cropping area
  4. After confirming the crop, the object you have cropped will remain selected
  5. Try to move it forward or backward by using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + Up Arrow and Ctrl + Down Arrow in Windows)

The recently cropped item will not move forward or backwards. You will need to deselect it and reselect it.


Hey @ahobday,

I’ve just reproduced this one and passed it on to the dev team so they can take a closer look and try to fix this one. I’ll keep you in the loop.

Thanks for another super helpful report! :slight_smile: