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Learning how to use balsamiq mockup elements

Hi, I am considering using balsamiq, but can’t seem to find information on how to use individual elements. Where can I find information on each and every element?
Also, I see that wireframes to go has a bunch of elements, but no information on how to use them. What am I missing? TIA.

Hi @MDanielov,

Balsamiq Wireframing Academy is what you need :wink:

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Thanks @Alexey_Kolchenko!

@MDanielov, you’ll find a lot of help at the link Alexey provided. For more focused help on use of specific controls, you should find this useful: UI Control Guidelines

Some, if not most of the, controls in the UI Library should be pretty self-evident but some controls (e.g. text-based controls) offer more functionality and we have more detailed help for specific controls e.g.

Of course, if you have any questions about specific controls, just post a message here in the forum and we’ll be happy to help.