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License Key File Location

Our company just purchased some licenses for Mockups 3 Desktop but we have a few machines that we “IT” did not install. Is the license key saved on the user PC? If it was a Trial, is there a way to determine this?

Hi @sjones723,

Thanks for the post. When a copy of Mockups 3 is registered, the license details are stored in the local store folder.

The app can be registered and unregistered via the menu: Help -> Register…; Help -> Unregister from this Computer…

If the app is using a trial license, you’ll see a banner in the bottom of the app window letting you know you’re using a trial license and how many days remain:


What I am looking for is the actual license number assigned to the user.

Ours is License Name: Southwest Power Pool

    License Key: (starts with


This is all I see in the Local Store.

The log file does not show the license key.

Sherry Jones


Office 501 614-3587

Southwest Power Pool

Thanks @sjones723. I understand.

I hope you understand that we need to be careful when sharing license data. Would you mind dropping an email to and we’ll pick this up there and get you all set.