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Licensing question and trial period


Hi. I had asked a question on Freelancing Stackexchange which led me here. I am new at this and building someone else a website for the first time. I would like to use the Balsamiq built into Google Drive but my trial had ended. My client suggested I use his account where it still has the trial, is this allowed?

In general, how does this work. I noticed their is a price for a single Balsamiq license but why would a single license ever bee good enough. Isn’t the whole point of prototyping is to collaborate so wouldn’t a person need at least two licenses? Also is there a separate license for the Balsamiq integrated into Google Drive or is it the same as the desktop version?


I am not an employee of balsamiq, but there are different prices for Desktop and Plugins. See the tabs on this site:

For example as a freelancer you can provide your wireframes and send the exported images/PDF, so you only need one license. I am just used to the Desktop version and don’t know how the Plugin works.


Hi @JamesJay

It’s Anna from Balsamiq Sales and I’m happy to help.

So you’re building a website and would like to use Mockups 3 for Google Drive but your trial has expired. No problem and no need to use your client’s account.

We’d be happy to extend your trial, however you’ll need to log in and make the request from within Mockups 3 for Google Drive so we can apply the extension to the correct Google ID.

Make sure you’re logged in to gmail with the email account you want for the trial, then you can make the request by selecting “Sign up for a Paid Plan” in the Help menu or from the link at the bottom of the editor.

Here is the direct link:

You’ll have the option to send a request for a trial extension from this billing page. Once you make the request from within the app, I’ll be able to reset the trial.

Plans cost $5/month or $50/year, and they are sold individually for each Google ID and it works on a monthly or yearly automatic credit card subscription. Pricing is formally quoted here:

Mockups 3 for Google Drive and Mockups 3 for Desktop are 2 separate products and you don’t need one to use the other.

You can start a fully functioning 30 day trial of Mockups 3 for Desktop here: and we’re happy to provide you with a trial extension if you need more time. I suggest you try it out so you can see how it works compared to Mockups 3 for Google Drive.

I hope I’ve cleared up any doubts but if you need anything else, you can reach us at

Oh, sorry about the super long reply!