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Likning not working in exported PDF


I was using trail desktop version and created menu using list. All links of list (menu) in exported pdf were working. Later I purchased desktop license and now inserted two new screens in the mock-up created with trail version.
Issue: All links before newly inserted pages are intact, however the links after new pages always point to two items above them.


Hmm, seems like a weird offset for the links, @sadhana - I’m sorry about that.

Would it be possible to email your project to us? That would allow us to take a look and see if we can figure out what’s going on.

Let me know. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I cannot share my project screens. However, can try to explain scenario below

All menus point to their respective listing pages. And then there are add, edit, delete pages. So my page sequence is as below
Page1: Task1-List
Page2: Task1-Edit
Page3: Task1-Delete
Page4: Task2-List
Page5: Task3-List
Page6: Task3-Edit
Page7: Task3-Delete
Page8: Task4-List
Page9: Task4-Edit
Page10: Task4-Delete

Now I inserted Task2-Edit page. So all below pages moved down. I updated the links in menu as well. but still when I click on Task4 it points to Task3.


And the linking bug manifests in just the PDF export? The links in the app itself are fine?


Yes, the issue is only in exported PDF. Links in the app itself are fine.


Hi @sadhana,

I’ve just tried to reproduce his by using the same workflow but the links keep working in the exported PDF after I insert the Task2-Edit page.

Could you please try to replicate the issue in a new project that doesn’t contain any private data? This way you could share the project with us so we can reproduce the issue.

We want to do everything we can to help!


Another thing that I just thought of, @sadhana is to make sure that links aren’t overlayed on top of each other. PDF viewers don’t respect the z-order, so they just kind of choose which link is “on top”.

Also, try the PDF in a couple different apps, just to make sure it isn’t that particular PDF viewer that is misbehaiving.


Sure, I will try with different PDF viewer.
Thanks for your support. I will update on this topic …