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Limited number of Fonts Available

I’m looking to use the Verdana font; however, it’s not an option in my application. Is there a way for me to have it as an option?

Hi @Stacy and welcome to the forums!

With the launch of the new, native versions of the desktop app we chose to maintain compatibility with the other Balsamiq Wireframes-based apps (e.g. Balsamiq Cloud). That means that the available font set is limited and, specifically, Verdana is not an available option.

It was primarily a browser support issue with the browser-based app - Balsamiq Cloud - but it’s also a reminder of the low-fidelity nature of the tool where our focus is more on ideation around structure and content than specific implementation.

Perhaps the available ‘Lato’ - also a sans serif typeface - would serve as a suitable substitute?


There’s a more in-depth discussion of the subject of supported fonts here: Can i add my own font to Balsamiq