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Limited Zoom functionality


Hi, I have a page I am working on that has a lot of elements, and to navigate this page I need to zoom out and zoom into a specific area within the page. The zoom functionality does not work as it should.
Zoom should zoom in based on where the cursor is. Currently it just zooms in to the top-left of the screen by default. Check the attached image to see why I find your current zoom functionality difficult.

1 - Feature suggestion: Zoom should zoom in based on where the cursor is ie: if cursor points to bottom right of the screen, zoom should zoom to bottom right - based on cursor location.
2 - Feature suggestion: Zoom to selected element. Create a shortcut to zoom in on a selected element. This would be great for quickly showcasing elements within 1 master page. Check image for reference.


Thanks for reaching out about this, @anic.

Zooming in based on the cursor position has been requested by other users as well and I’m adding your vote for this feature, thanks!

Regarding the zoom to the selected element, it should already behave like this. If it doesn’t on your end, could you please let us know which OS and browser (including the version) you’re using?

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!


Hi, Thank you for replying.

When I zoom from Furthers zoom point to about half way, my selection goes off screen (depends on the size of the selection. For example this happens with smaller selections such as buttons). When I zoom out to try to find it again, the screen scrolls to the bottom-left and starts zooming out from there.

I am using Chrome - most recent version. Windows 10 OS.

I think a feature to zoom full screen of selection would be ideal in the scenario where you have a lot of UI elements on the page (I have sometimes 12 desktop variations on the one screen)

Thank you


Thanks for sharing more details, @anic! I’ve added your comments to the related request and we’ll discuss it more with the team. There is always room for improvement! :slight_smile:

Have a great week!