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Line breaks in notes for PDF export not preserved


I added line breaks in the notes added to pages of a mockup (using \r); these are preserved correctly when shown in fullscreen mode, but removed on PDF export (i.e. all lines in the notes are re-wrapped to a single paragraph). I’d like to see the notes preserve the line breaks I added.


I see what you’re saying, @Yawitz. I’ll talk to the dev team to see if there is something we can do here!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Let me know if you’d like to see anything else!


Any update on this? It’s so annoying I don’t bother writing any notes through your ‘notes’ section and wouldn’t mind using it to keep things simple.


I don’t have an update on this, @JSandwick. I think it may have gotten lost in the shuffle as we are very close to pushing out a new version of the editor.

I will give the team a nudge on this to remind them. It’s very much on the radar.


Hey guys! Joining in to say that I’m also looking forward to this. It’s a pity not being able to publish mockup notes with a neat format. @Brendan: do you guys already have an approximative release date of the new version?



Hi @Yorgos,

Thanks for sharing your need on this one, too. I’ve just added your vote to help to prioritize the request. We don’t have any ETA for this yet but we’ll get it fixed!

Please let us know if you need anything else in the meantime, we’ll do our best to help! :slight_smile:


Hi @Virgin,

I’m quite new to the forum so aplogies if the question is silly; You say [quote=“Virgin, post:6, topic:2904”]
I’ve just added your vote to help to prioritize the request
[/quote]Does this mean that there is a place where are listed the new feature requests and users are able to vote for them? If so I would really appreciate directions :slight_smile:

As for the ETA I was referring to the upcoming version release, not the actual functionality.



Not silly, at all @Yorgos

We have an internal tracker, and we add folks’ comments to it so that we can bring them up when we have discussions about a feature. That tracker stretches across everything (tickets, forums, social media, etc.) and we use it to plan our roadmap.

The editor release I was talking about above was our new native (non-adobe) editor. It’s coming to the web first and then desktop. I don’t know for sure when either of those things will happen, but the closed beta of the web editor is starting very soon (fingers crossed).


Hi Brendan - Add my voice to this too. The purpose of formatting the notes so perfectly is with the assumption that the formatting will hold when it’s saved to PDF - for stakeholders to view.

I understand there is an inherent issue with page space if the wire frame and text naturally go beyond 1 page. To solve this, how about the option to either 1. resize the wireframe to preserve the text, or 2. allow the text to go to another pdf page., or 3. ignore the text formatting, like it does now.

A fix for this can’t come soon enough. Thanks!


Do you have an update for us?



Absolutely, Max.

It’s fixed in the new editor, and I will see if I can get it into the next Mockups 3 for Desktop update!


I am experiencing the same problem with the October 2017 build. This is disappointing that this was reported a year and a half ago, and still not fixed.

All my notes are a jumbled up run-on mess in the PDF I need to export. I need to find a way to export all of the diagrams now into another tool (MS Word??? :anguished:) so I can add the appropriate notes for the client.

Any idea if this is ever going to get fixed?


So sorry about that @Eric.

As Brendan mentioned, we’ve fixed it in our new native editor, which can be used in Balsamiq Cloud for now. Our dev team is working hard on bringing this new editor to our Desktop version and this is why we are doing fewer updates than usual there.

If you’d like, send us the BMPR file via and we’ll be happy to create the PDF export from Balsamiq Cloud for you.

Sorry again for the hassle during this transition period but our Desktop app will be native soon too (hopefully in 2018). :slight_smile:


I had to get the document to the client for this morning, so exported images and produced my document in Word, but thanks for the offer. It did end up working okay, but it just wasn’t the integrated experience I thought I had available to me.

Yes, I too hope you guys are able to develop the bleeding edge technology to properly address newline characters in the upcoming year.


So we are now in May '18 and I am running Version: 3.5.15 but still no support for new lines in the Notes when exported to PDF.
Is there any news on where this fix is in terms of its prioritisation and likely due date?


Sorry for the trouble, @MarcusC.

As mentioned above, this will be included in our next major Desktop version (planned for this year), which will be powered by our new (native) editor.

For now, you can already enjoy this feature in our new web version, Balsamiq Cloud, and we’ll be happy to export a project to PDF for you if needed.

Sorry again for the hassle in the meantime.