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Line spacing for text


Hi, I am trying to increase line spacing withing a block of text. It is 100% and I’d like to make it 150%. I’ve looked through all the helppages. Is there a trick to do it?


Hey @okkingaj

We don’t have an option for line spacing on the paragraph or block of text controls right now, but it’s something we are going to look at. You are not the first person to ask for it :smiley:. I will add your comments to our feature tracker’s story for this.

The list control has a linespacing property. It’s not a perfect replacement, but it may work for you in a pinch.

If other folks would like line spacing on the text controls, like or post a comment. I will add them to the story!


List control almost works. But it cannot wrap text acros mutliple lines. Neither can I use it to horizontally align text in the centre. :person_frowning: Is there some html that I could insert to make the magic happen?


I would love to take credit for this, but @Virgin was messing around with line spacing stuff and found that adding {size:15}{size} (with 10pt text) on an empty line, that line appears to be 1.5x.

Try that out and let us know if that works.

Line Spacing Setting

It works. Not ideal cause I need to inser manual breaks for each line. But it sort of works. Thanx! And please include this thing in your backlog…


The one thing that prevents me from using the List Control is that the background cannot be made transparent. It would be fantastic if List Controls had an opacity slider like many of the other controls.


I am using a text-paragraph and inside I add one line blank between text-lines with this code {size:2}{size}. You can change the number “2” to increase the space between lines


This is my fake text of a paragraph,
it’s a fix for text-spacing in balsamiq mockups,
you can try it, it work!