Line Spacing Setting


Are there any plans to introduce Line Spacing settings for text?

You have a couple of blog posts describing how copywriters should use Balsamiq to see how their words will look in the finished product, which is a fantastic idea.

But as a copywriter I think line spacing is incredibly important for this.

Right now we can use lists to change line spacing, but the minimum it allows is 16 (which is usually too big).

The text seems to be limited to a line spacing of 1, which looks too squashed up for a lot of my designs. This means I end up changing designs to make the readability better, when really, changing the line spacing would be a much better option.

I’ve seen a few posts about this. One from back in 2015 said you were looking into it, what was the outcome of that?


Hey @marcooos,

This is something we have talked about from time to time, but haven’t decided to implement yet. It’s hard because it’s not something we hear a lot of requests for - but we know that, to the folks requesting it, it’s really important.

We are in the middle of a big code transition right now, so our feature building has taken a back seat while we build new apps. But, as soon as that is done, we will look at this feature again.