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Link color - can't update back to default

I updated the color of the link to yellow on one wireframe to yellow since the background was dark.
I didn’t realize that it updated the default color of link (also breadcrumbs and any assets with links in them) to yellow. All of my wireframes that contain links now have yellow links.

I don’t see an option to change it back to blue. ???

I need to update the link option to be blue.

I will just use an underlined text in yellow font on that one mockup with the dark background.

Thank you,

Hey @mhallem1218,

Sorry for the link color trouble. You can change it at the bottom of the Project Info Panel.

Let me know if that helps, Magdalena.

Ahh ok. So at the project level. Makes sense I guess.

Maybe it would be possible to update it also by clicking the link and the properties? You could just add a message that the change will be applied to all links.

Thank you!


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