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Link Cursor in Full Screen Presentation


I have a mockup containing a few images which have links. When I show this mockup in full screen mode, with big arrow cursor off, the cursor changes from arrow to hand when the mouse is over these images. This behavior is, obviously, by design; and usually desirable. However:

In the rich Windows client application that I am mocking up, there is currently no indication that the image is clickable. I think it needs this indication, and the client disagrees. I want to show the mockup to the client without this indication – that is, with the arrow cursor at all times, even when the mouse is over the clickable image. In other words, I want to demonstrate it the way he is asking for it: clickable, but with that clickability not visible.

Is there any way, in full screen mode with big arrow turned off, to disable this change? To have the arrow cursor shown at all times, even when the mouse is over a link? TX


Hi @dplattipswich,

Thanks for reaching out today.

Unfortunately, there’s no such setting in our little tool as the hand cursor replacing the arrow one is the “standard” way to underline and show a link (e.g. any hover on a website link from a Mac or Windows machine will behave this way). So basically, the only to remove the cursor behavior would be to remove temporarily the link which might not be the best solution for an app demonstration.

Please let us know if you need any further information, we’re always happy to help however we can!