Link hints v/s actual clickable area on buttons

In Mockups 3 when the buttons are linked and exported to PDF, the pink link hints are appearing on the buttons correctly but the actual clickable area is offset - it’s outside and above the button.

I thought this was an issue only with the imported files, but I tried creating a new sample project in Mockups 3 and it still happens. And it seems to be not only with buttons.

Is this a known issue? Anybody else have this issue?

Hi @amyth77, yes it’s a bug, we’re going to fix it for the next release, sorry for the hassle. It only happens if you include mockup names and page numbers.

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Oh, yes I had the page numbers included, and works fine without them.
I can live without the page numbers for now. Thank you @peldi

Hi amyth77,

We shipped today 3.1.3. It has the bugfix for this issue.
You can get it here:

Here are the complete release notes:

Thanks for the update :+1:

Just wanted to note that I am still having this problem as of Nov 24, 2015. I included both Mockup Titles and Page Numbers and the clickable area is not aligned properly in the PDF. It works OK if I remove Titles and Page Numbers.


Hey @knutbear33

I’m super sorry about that!

Are you on the most up-to-date version of Mockups? (3.2.4 - download at

If you are, would you mind shooting me an email at, and we can troubleshoot this together?

Also, if it’s possible, could you include your project file in the email? We take data security very seriously, and would only hold on to your file long enough to diagnose the issue.

I’m sorry again for any frustration this is causing you. We will get it fixed! :slight_smile: