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Link in Label control not working when text is rotated


I have added a link in a label and am adding a link in the label to another mockup. The text in the control is something like “This [link](New Mockup 2) goes to Mockup 2”

The link works great if the Orientation of the control is normal or slanted, but when I use the “up” or “down” text orientation, the link no longer works. Tried exporting to PDF and the links still didn’t work.

Love the feature and it is not a big issue to me as I rarely orient my text up or down, but thought I would report it.

Version: 3.999.477 - 05/05/2015 12:57
Adobe Air Player Version: WIN 17,0,0,157


Thanks for alerting us to this problem. I can repeat it here. Changing the orientation shows the link in the original location as if the text was still horizontal. I’ll write up the bug report for us to fix.

Thanks for the bug report! We’ll get it fixed.


Interesting. Doing a little more testing and it looks like links work on vertical text when the entire label is linked. So the bug only occurs when an inline link with bracketed text is placed inside of a label. For the time being, a workaround would be to use separate labels for the text and link.