Link Issue does not show red sign anymore

As an epidemiologist, I had an issue lately with my wireframe “links”. The link “red sign” is not showing anymore on the text. Also, this is what shows in the inspector’s window:
? Hold ALT to show Links
Any help is really appreciated
Thank you

Hi @Mufida123

Thanks for the post and so sorry for any confusion here. We’ve actually changed this feature slightly - in the Cloud update that went out yesterday - to try to make the hints a little more user-friendly.

Where you used to see the link hints immediately next to the text, for example:


It was a little messy and often the red link hint slightly obscured the text anchor. Now, if you hover over the link you’ll see the new link hint appear as a translucent rectangle:

And, as the text in the Property Inspector lets you know you can press Alt on Windows or ⌥ (Option) on macOS and we’ll highlight the anchor text associated with the link in blue in the actual control on the Canvas.

Hope that makes sense and the new look works for you.

Hi @alasdair ,

Thank you for your prompt answer. Got it :slight_smile:

Hi @alasdair

Thank you for your quick response on this however this is going to be problematic for me when wanting to view links at a glance (to ensure that all links exist without having to hover each entity to confirm their existence).

Is there a way that an option can be created whereby the red link hint can be displayed/hidden through the View menu?

On a side note, is there a method that I can rollback to previous version so that I can get the red link hint back?


Hi @Minyun

Thanks for the feedback - it’s always much appreciated.

There are always challenges associated with changing, moving or removing things. While this change was very much drivign by feedback on the old-look link hints and has been generally well received, we recognise that, for some, it might not be ideal.

We have no plans to add back in the red link hints at this time but we’ll see if we receive more feedback on this change.

There is a method to roll back but it does have a downside - if you roll back and stop updating the app, you’ll miss future bug fixes. That may not be a problem for you so you can roll back by first ensuring that any project files you have are saved safely somewhere in a known folder.

Then, you’ll need to uninstall your current version of the app.

The link hints changed in the 4.6.6 release so you’d need to download and install version 4.6.5 (Windows) or 4.6.4 (macOS) of the app which you can find here: Balsamiq Build Archives | Balsamiq

Thank you for the feedback. A workaround I found for seeing links at a glance is it to push Alt.

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For what it’s worth, I really like this change :slight_smile:

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