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Link mock page to a new tab


I am a newbie to this tool and I recently changed the name of the labels on the tabs. Now for some reason, my mock up page is not linked to the first tab, how can I re-link this?

Thank you


Hey @squathub, sorry about the trouble!

Usually, a tabbed bar will hold on to links through renames and re-orders.

But, there are certain combinations of actions (renaming, adding, and subtracting elements with links) that will cause the tab bar to lose track of links with the changes you’ve made.

You should be able to relink the first tab in Inspector.

Here is what it looks like in Mockups 3 for desktop:

Here is what it looks like in myBalsamiq:

If you are not able to link it through the inspector, let us know so that we can dig deeper and figure out what’s going on!

Sorry again for the trouble. Let us know how else we can help you :smiley: