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Link Options Not Appearing in Right Menu

After I established links throughout my Wireframe, I exported to pdf, saw an error. I then went to correct it and after clicking on the link arrow, no options appear in the right menu. What’s up? Tried closing and reopening the project and the condition was not corrected. Earlier in my session links were working fine .

Hi @John_Hobgood and sorry for the trouble with this project.

Would you mind sharing the related project and a screenshot of the issue via so that we can try to reproduce the issue and help you solve it?

We’ll stand by for your reply.

As requested.

Hi there @John_Hobgood

I think there are two separate issues here but they are both relatively easy to address.

The first issue is that you’re not seeing your control properties in the panel on the right. The issue here is that we use the right panel for a few different things (because we have limited screen real estate). You just need to toggle the Property Inspector on and you’ll see the properties. Via the menu it is View > Inspector

The second issue is the links not working…

Links only work via a single click in Full Screen Presentation Mode. To test a link in editing mode (i.e. the screenshots you posted above) you need to hold down and click the link. When you’re holding down and hover over the link, the cursor should change to a hand to indicate that you are over a link.

Hopefully I have not misunderstood, John. Let me know if anything is unclear or you have any other questions, ok? All the best.

Thanks, your suggestions work.

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