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Link to a mockup


Is it possible in Balsamiq for Confluence Server to link from a confluence page to a specific mockup within a project?


Hi @romulus68,

Sounds like you would like to display a specific wireframe from the macro, right?

You can indeed define the Starting Wireframe, as detailed here.

Hope this helps!


No, that’s not my case. I have a Confluence page with a documentation or a BPMN Diagram. From that page I would link to annother Confluence page with my Balsamiq project and there to a specific Mockup.


Thanks for sharing more details!

While there isn’t a way to have the full macro appear on a different Confluence page, you can link to the image of the wireframe using this method.

We have to do with the platform limitations for now but we’re trying to come up with ways to work around it, I’ll add your vote for this feature request.


That’s great. It’s a good solution for my request.
Thank you very much.