Link to a Web Address - open in editor?

I added a link marked as “Link to a Web Address” and entered a valid URL. After publishing as a PDF the link works as expected, but in the desktop application I thought I’d be able to hold ctrl while clicking the link to open the page in a browser.

Is it possible to open links in the desktop application? If not this might be a feature to add - it’s a good way to test links are valid before exporting.

Hi @FredL

Thanks for the post and sorry this is not clearer. You’re very close!

If you specify a link for a control, they’ll work with just a single click in Full Screen Presentation Mode.

But, when you are editing, a single click simply selects the control but you can test the link by holding down the Alt key and clicking the control (or the Option key on a Mac).

Try that out and get back to us if you have any more issues or questions?

Thanks @alasdair, user error on my part. Works perfectly!

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