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Link to next page in sequence


I swear this was a feature, but maybe I’m imagining it. I’d like to be able to create a link to the next page in sequence, rather than specifying a particular page.

I am building a design that is a big workflow, with like 20 or so pages that are typically completed in order. I’m not 100% of what the order is going to be though - so if the pages get swapped around, it’s going to be a pain to fix all the links. So a “link to next page” would be really great.


Totally hear you here, @mrdehate. We don’t have this yet, but I could see how it would be useful.

Would you want the sequence to be dictated by the order of mockups in the navigator?

Let me know and I’ll get it to the right folks. :slight_smile:


Yep, that’s what I was thinking - whatever the next page is in the navigator. So I suppose that means it would skip any alternate versions that were included.


Dig it. Thanks for the idea mrdehate.

Keep em coming!


I remember asking for something along these lines before, links for the Next and Previous in sequence (as well as a Home option i.e. 1st in sequence, and End i.e. last in sequence.

Hopefully some day…