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Link Vertical Scroll bar to Mockup



How can I link the vertical scroll bar to the mockup? I have to requirement to add a vertical scrollbar to the mockup. When you click on the vertical scroll bar, it should display a mockup with the content scrolling down.
How do I achieve it?



Hey, @ana!

Thanks for taking the time to post this question today.

While there isn’t a way to have an interactive scrollbar on your mockup (we don’t want to do anything that you couldn’t do on pen and paper), there is a way you can make it look like it’s scrolling.

If you duplicate your mockup a couple of times, you can show different scroll states, and then link between them to make it look like you’re scrolling.

It’s a hard concept to walk through over text, so I’ve attached a demo project file and PDF to demonstrate it. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Scrolling.bmpr (138 KB)
Scrolling.pdf (349.5 KB)


Thanks Brendan for the demo project. I think I have an idea on my mockup.