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Linked Grouped Objects


I would like to make a group of items, reuse that group on multiple mockup pages within the same project, and have them linked so that if I make a change to one of them that change propagates to all the linked grouped items and keeps them in sync. Does that make sense?

Use Case: I have a set of controls that I use for the main interface page, I then have several mockup pages showing different versions of this same main page with different options selected (ie drop down box selections, etc.). I then want to make a change to one of the controls on the main page (let’s say delete a field). To do this I have to go into each mock up and make the same change to that version of the main page. I would like to group the controls that make up the main page and be able to edit the group in one spot and have all the instances of that group update automatically to match.

I am currently using Mockups 3 for desktop. Is this feature available somewhere? TIA.

Hi @Meredith,

Thanks for the post. It makes perfect sense! And we have a feature which does exactly what you need :slight_smile:

The feature is called Symbols.

Symbols are reusable common elements that you can use across different wireframes. When you make a change to the source Symbol, that change appears in all wireframes using the Symbol.

We have some great help on the feature here: Working with Symbols

Would you like to check out the link above, try it out and get back to me with any questions?

Thank you! I knew it had to be somewhere. I was searching the documentation on the website but I didn’t know what term to search for. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the quick response.

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One quick question though, one of the symbols I would like to make is a set of tabs. I want to use the same set of tabs on each mockup screen but I would like to have a different tab selected on each instance of the mock up. Is this possible? I am guessing not since it means each instance would be slightly different but it would be great if it was available. Right now every time I add a tab or change the order I have to repeat that update on each copy of the tabs.

There is a feature to work around that - Overriding Symbol Properties

That allows you to override properties for specific controls on specific mockups.

I just gave it a quick spin using the ‘Tabs Bar’ control and, if I understand you correctly, overriding will do exactly what you need.