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Linking between different projects - fullscreen mode link


This question has been asked a couple of times, but here is another twist to it.
We have a fairly large mockup (around 100 wireframes) split up in 20 projects, which we would like to test within our audience.

Given the current functionality, I could use web links to jump from one mockup to the next, and it works ok. The only drawback is that the new mockup comes up in ‘review mode’ while I would like to have it in ‘Full Screen mode’ with ‘Link hints off’, ‘Big arrow off’, ‘Zoom to fit off’ and ‘Markup on’

Is there a way to construct a link such that the user doesn’t need to tweak these settings.


There isn’t yet, @francis, but it’s something we are working on. We are going to retool the full-screen mode to not only allow you to jump directly to it from a link, but also potentially allow you to embed it in a website of your own.

The first thing is coming for sure, and we are figuring out if there is a safe way to do the second. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry that we don’t have it ready for you right now, but knowing that you need it too is very helpful. If there are other things you need, now is a really good time to let us know. As soon as the desktop app is ready to ship, we are going to go back into feature mode.


Hi @Brendan - we really admire Balsamiq and the prototyping tool.

Would there be a workaround or a hack making it possible - we want to start a UI Test really soon now, and unless you tell me that the feature will be available in the weeks that come - having a workaround would be great

Alternatively, we combine all the mockups into one project. Do you have an idea how big a project can become? I have read some reports of performance issues - but these are from 2015.

The last thing we want is that the mockup is perceived as slow :slight_smile:


Hi @francis,

Thanks for coming back. Unfortunately, there’s no way - built-in or a hack - to link between discrete projects. Not ideal but it’s just a limitation of the tool.

You could work around it by combining all wireframes into a single project. We generally advise people to think of 100 wireframes as a working maximum but there are housekeeping things you can do to try to keep your project as lean as possible:

  • Delete unused images/assets
  • Delete unused Symbols
  • Empty the trash

There’s a little more detail on those three in the housekeeping link above. Want to give it a try and let us know how it goes?


OK - I will let you know.

FYI - A lot of the wireframes are duplicates of same wireframes such that we can mockup different flows through the UI.

The number of wireframes could be reduced by being able to parameterize the navigation (I think)

I know that it is a lodef representation of the application, but in this stage we want to nail the steps one has to follow and detect the right interaction between app and user. Do you have any pointers how to do it appropriately?


Hi @francis,

Because we’ve made a conscious decision to focus on low-fi wireframing over prototyping, linking is very much the extent of our interactive features. It might help (understanding at least) to have some background on that decision?

For now, the only appoach I can think of would be to, rather than having all wireframes in a single project with duplicates to cover different flows, have one project per flow?

To echo Brendan, we know the full-screen feature needs work and it’s in the hopper. It’s just going to be a little while…



I believe I understand now the scope of the Balsamiq tool and when it can be applied. Thanks for the clarification.