Linking multiple Confluence pages to the same Balsamiq Project

Does anyone know how to link multiple Confluence pages to the same Balsamiq Project?

Ex: I want to create a big project containing all of the major screens on our website, and use the automatic Site Map object to display the relationships and link them all together. I also want to have individual Confluence pages for some of the more complicated mockups. But if I change the mockup for a screen, I need that to be reflected in both the Site Map page and in the individual page.

Solution1: Copy the mockup from the main Site Map project to another project for the individual page.

Problem: Changes to the copy are not reflected in the original and vice versa.

Solution2: Download the BMPR for the main project, upload that file to another Confluence page, and then select that project from the Balsamiq Macro (really thought this one was going to work)

Problem: As far as I can tell, this creates an entirely new project as a copy of the original, and, once again, changes made to one are not reflected in the other.

If this isn’t possible and needs to be converted to a feature request, please let me know.

Otherwise, any suggestions would be appreciated!


That’s a good question, @Justin_Bouldin. I’m not sure Confluence supports referencing a single file on multiple pages - I’ve asked Sax (our plugin dev) to find out for sure.

We will get back to you first thing tomorrow with an answer.


In thinking about it more, you could break the most complicated mockups out into their own project, attach them to confluence pages, and then link to those pages in the sitemap.

Is that helpful at all? Let me know!

Hi @Brendan,

Thanks for your quick reply!

I hadn’t thought about manually updating the links in the the site map, that’s a good idea.

But that presents another challenge, since symbols, AFAIK, can’t be shared across projects, and we were planning on using those pretty heavily.

My current thinking is that we might just have to mange the copied mockups, and make sure we update the copies anytime we touch the original, with some disclaimer text on the individual confluence pages and a link to the master version on the main site map page…

I just confirmed that you can reference a bmpr file that is attached to (i.e. created by) another page, but when I add a Balsamiq macro on the new page, it still links to a new, blank, project…

Yup, I’m seeing that too, Justin.

I’ll bring it up with the team and discuss if there is anything we can do to change the way the macro editor works. I can’t promise a timeline, but we will talk about whether or not it’s doable. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea, Justin. I can definitely see a use case for it!

Yeah, definitely keep me posted…

In the meantime, we can try out some of the workarounds, and let you know how that goes.

Hey Justin,

Just spoke to Sax about this, and it is something we are planning to do. I don’t have a timetable, but it’s something that is on the roadmap. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Brendan I was just wondering if there’s any update to this feature? It’s something that I need quite critically being able to insert individually pages onto multiple confluence pages, while having a universal wireframe set.

It seems the only way to achieve this is export the wireframes as images and insert them on individual pages? Obviously this is not ideal as it creates all sorts of version control issues.

If you could provide an update for when this feature is expected that would be great.


Hey Friends :slight_smile:

I’m sorry that we don’t have a better solution available for this right now. It’s something we want to do, but it seems more and more likely that we will have to build an external process for it.

I really wish I had a better solution than linking to the PNG export, but that’s the best workaround I can offer right now. We want to make it better in the future; it’s just going to be a bit more work than we anticipated.

As soon as we have news to share about this, you can bet we will. Keep an eye on our blog! :slight_smile:

Any news about this? Creating an entire new project for each page doesn’t make much sense really.

We are using the “Product Requirement” page template from confluence, and we’ll add the mockup for each requirement… but ofc this mockup is done in relation with others (other pages).

We don’t have any updates on this yet, @Alexandre_Aniceto. I’m sorry.

We have been hard at work at re-writing our Atlassian Apps to no longer require flash. This is something we will try to look at once that is done.

Hi @Brendan,

Any update on this?

We’re still on mybalsamiq because we like having all wirreframes in a single place, and referencing them in Confluence. We do that using permalinks.

We would like to upgrade to either Balsamiq Cloud or the Confluence plugin, but the problem is:

  • No permalinks in Balsamiq Cloud
  • Confluence plugin: Wireframes are scattered across the different Confluence pages each with their own project

Ideally, we would like a Confluence page with all the wireframes (in a project) and then be able to add individual wireframes to different pages (describing the features etc.). So in other words, being able to select any project within the Confluence space when adding a wireframe. If this is not the intended design, then why have the ‘Selected Project’ drop-down in the add wireframe dialog? It seems that you can really only select the one project that is on the page, and the drop-down is always disabled.

Could you clarify what the intended design is, and how long we will need to wait for it?



Hi @uffehe and everyone!

While we don’t have any definite plan for this one yet (I’ve added your vote for the feature request), we created this page to describe a workaround that may help for now. It allows you to display any wireframe on different pages.

To answer your second question @uffehe: the ‘Selected Project’ drop-down option is available for people that attach multiple projects (BMPR files) to the same page.

Hope this helps! We’ll be here if you need anything else. :slight_smile:

Hey again, Friends.

The team is really close to implementing this feature, but we need your help to test it.

If you’re interested in participating in a beta test for this feature, let us know by either posting here, or emailing us


Hey there,
I was interested if there was any update on this. My company separates out our feature pages and it would be nice to update a Balsamiq design on one page and everywhere that it is referenced, is updated. I saw that you posted about a beta and was curious if there you guys were any closer to implementing this functionality.

Hi @Michael_DeLomba,

Thanks for the post. It’s very close and we will be interested in having some people test it out. Bear with me a short time and I’ll check-in and get you an update, ok? Are you using Confluence Cloud or Server?

Hey @alasdair,
My company uses Confluence Server 6.14.3.
Sorry for the very very late reply

Hey Michael,

We recently released this on Confluence Cloud and are looking at how to implement it on Confluence server :slight_smile:

Dear all,

we are using Balsamiq for Confluence Server and having the same problem. We don’t want to start a new project for every page in Confluence, because we have differenz pages and subpages for every epic. Is there a solution implementet in balsamic right now?

The workaround, discribed in manual seem to be a little work intensive for big projekts.


Hi @poba and thanks for joining the conversation.

While the Image Link feature we recently implemented is available in Balsamiq Wireframes for Confluence Cloud, it’s not (yet!) available in our Server add-on so this method still prevails for now.

That being said, it is definitely something we’d like to implement there as well so we’ll get there!

Any questions, we’re here. :slight_smile: