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Linking projects from the App for group work


I’m researching using balsamiq for some projects and I started working on the web app.

The web interface was a little cumbersome to work on my little 13’’ screen so I decided to try out the app.

I wanted to link the desktop app to my existing web app project. There will be others working on the project so I’ll need to work concurrently with them.

Is there a way to link the desktop app to existing web app projects?

Thank you,


Not yet but afaik it is planned for the new “native” version of cloud and desktop app.

You can just download and upload your projects


Hi @G_Duf and thanks for getting in touch about this.

As you may have noticed, Mockups 3 and myBalsamiq use different file formats for now. This is why you will need to import and export between them when working with both.

That being said, improving this is definitely on our roadmap, as @heringsfilet mentioned. We can’t wait for both products to be using the same editor and file format. Also, we want to bring real-time collaboration to all our products ultimately.

Hope this helps! Sorry for the extra steps that are needed for now but this will get better. :slight_smile: