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Linking to Alt versions


Can someone please advise what’s the best way to link to an alt versions?
I have a slide with a drop down menu and an alt version of that slide with the same drop down menu located in a different spot on the screen. The I have another slide with the drop down menu open and also an alternative version of that slide for a different location of the menu.
When I try to link the first slide to the second slide to show the transition between the collapsed and opened menu I can only see the main version of second slide and I can’t seem to figure out how to link to my alternative version of that slide.

Or maybe there is an easier way to show the action of opening the drop down menu instead of creating another slide and linking between them?

Thank you!

Ok. I temporarily resolved the issue by selecting ‘link to a duplicate of this wireframe’ and then I just renamed it. So I ended up with 1 slide with main and alt version of it and then 2 separate slides that are linked to each version. Not ideal but I guess it works for now.

If there is a way to just link to alt version though please let me know!


Hi @mhallem1218,

Unfortunately there’s no way to explicitly link to a specific alternate… But, if presenting, you can workaround it a little by ensuring that the alternate you to which you wish to link is selected in the Navigator before you enter Full Screen Presentation Mode.

Here’s an example:

I hope that makes sense? Get back to me if you need any clarification or have any other questions.

Thank you for the quick response.


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