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Linking to an alternative version


It would be very handy to be able to link to alternative versions. This way it would be possible to have a screens with different states. I know the markup on/off functionality but this is not enough for me.


Hi @Simone,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I understand this could be a useful feature. We are trying to implement as many requested features as possible while trying to keep our software easy-to-use for everyone.

We do not plan on linking to Alternates but we plan on adding a “grouping mockups” feature.
Those “grouped mockups” will be linkable, so that could be a great asset for your use.

Just to let you know, as a work around for now you can make this alternate a new mockup. To do this you only need to copy the content from the alternate and paste it to a new mockup, which will be linkable. Alternatively, you can clone the mockup and promote the alternate version.

Hope this helps! :smile:


Hi Virgin,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Your suggested work around is what I am currently using. The alternate functionality would help me to reduce the numbers of screens. Perhaps you might change your mind :smile:

Looking forward to try out the “grouping mockups” feature.


This definitely would be helpful and reduce the workload.


not sure what grouped mockups would do for showing state changes, but the first thing i did after creating an alternative version was to try to link to it.


I am considering moving our standard tool to Balsamiq, but this is an essential feature for us. Is this on the roadmap or still not being considered? Thank you!


Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates regarding this one.

While linking to alternates is something we are talking about, we did recently introduce the ability to group mockups together, allowing you to have “official” versions of your alternates without filling up your project navigator, more details here.

This allows you to create different versions of a single mockup, hide them by closing the tree as needed and, last but not least, link to any of these mockups. See the example below:

Hope this will work for you all. We’re here to help if you need anything else! :slightly_smiling:


While this works, it’s far less of a intuitive way to handle this behaviour. This feature definitely has it’s merits, but not being able to link to alternatives is just weird. I have a mockup with a tab on part of it. I don’t want a new mockup as it clutters up my navigator. But i can’t link to an alternative so i’ll have to make a duplicate none the less.

Or i create an alternative mockup and i want to place a little link on the page so that in a presentation i can quickly show the alternative: currently only possible if i make a new mockup out of the alternative. Of course if that’s the only possibility the question is: what is the use of alternatives given i can’t use them in a practical way during a presentation?

currently i am forced to use grouping in order to display alternatives, rather then using grouping to structure mockups in the same way that i structure the navigation on my site… which is just weird to me.


Hi @Koen_Cornelis,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today. This has been an ongoing discussion internally for a while now since implementing it would not be an easy task. That being said, you’ve raised some totally valid points here so I’ve added your comments to our internal tool. I’ll give it a nudge and see where that leads. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks again for reviving the topic, getting your impressions is always pushing us to the right direction!


+1 here too.
I really don’t understand the purpose of the alternate version if I can’t link to it. Balsamiq is a really great tool to plan and demonstrate the workflow of the site and when designing a web application a single page can have many states that you need to be able to demonstrate in a presentation. Being able to treat the different states of a single page as alternate versions seem to me to be the most intuitive feature that Balsamiq DOESN’T have.

Really think you should be considering this feature request more seriously no matter how “complicated” it is to implement.


Ditto. I would really like to be able to link to alternates


Adding my support for this feature. Would love to link alternate versions of a mock-up. The work arounds help but are not ideal.


Funny, I just discovered Alternate versions today, and the first thing I did was try and use them as various states and link to them. BUMP. Nope. No can do. Was surprised, hit google, found this post. Seems so intuitive, and… this topic is quite dated. Wow. So, uh, how do I represent various states of pages?


This is something we have talked on and off about for a while, David - you’re not wrong there! We are neck deep in a platform transition at the moment, but we can circle back around to this after, and talk about it some more.

For now, I would duplicate the alternate into its own mockup, and then link to it that way.

You can use mockup hierarchy to structure organize your project in a way that way that keeps the alternates out of the way, but still something you can link to.

Let me know if that helps @dapug! :slight_smile: