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Linking to wireframe elements


My motivation for looking into Balsamiq is that I want to be able to create a ticket in our issue tracker for our front-end guys, to say “Please tweak aspect X of this element”, and have this link directly to a specific element in a specific mockup version, with all annotations & markup intact for context.
Same for git commit messages: “Update element X to match this mockup”, linking to the correct version of that element in the mockup.

Is that a valid use case?

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Hi Jean,
I used to attach screenshots of the wireframes or elements in the wireframe. Otherwise you won’t know how the wireframe looks like when someone tries to recover what you have done. The Wireframe could be updated meanwhile so you cannot ensure everyone has the same understanding of what needs to be done.

Also I don’t know a way to do this in Balsamiq - maybe this is possible with the Confluence Add-On?


Yes … Ideally I would like the link to go to the version of the mockup at the time that I sent it.
I guess I’ve been spoiled by github. You can link to any specific line in any git branch or at the time of any revision. E.g. this link goes to the latest version of a line in the config for the balsamiq support site, and this link is a permalink to that line at the present moment in time.


Hi again @Jean_Jordaan and thanks for sharing your need.

We don’t have a way to link to a specific version of a wireframe for now but I’ll add the request to our internal tool. I can’t assure you that this will get implemented since it is a very specific need for our low-fidelity wireframing tool but we’ll talk about it.

As always, if others would find this useful, please let us know by liking this post or commenting below!

PS: as a workaround, Alternates have their own link so you could use one for each version of a specific wireframe and link to it.