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Linking to wireframes, showing 2 PDFs when in full screen

Here’s what I’m doing/the problem is:

  • Have 30 wireframes, all separately named
  • Linking each wireframe together
  • When I export, save and open the PDF it views fine i.e. I can click through each wireframe without any problems
  • When I go in to fullscreen view mode the first wireframe (page 1) renders with just that wireframe, but as soon as I click on the button on this first wireframe it is showing 2 wireframes on the same screen…?! Apart from the first screen all subsequent clicks on hotspots that are linking are bringing up 2 wireframes on the same screen

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @gc0001 and sorry for the trouble.

Would you mind sharing more details about the product (and version number) you’re using?

Are you able to reproduce the issue in a newly created project as well?

We’ll do everything we can to help!