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Linking web pages within a project without pre-populated names


I created a project with many web pages and controls but didn’t create them as separate mockup names. When I tried to link one page (or a control within a web page) to another web page within the project, there is nothing showing up for me to link with. I know I should name each page when I created them but it is too late now.

How can I populate each web page within my project to have a name now for my linking?

Thank you!@


how do you manage your wireframes if you don’t have names for it? How would you know which wireframes is the right wireframe for the link?
Wouldn’t it be better to name all wireframes and then link them?

Don’t think that there is a way to automatically name all your wireframes :frowning:


Hi @williamcfun,

Sorry for the hassle with this. I’d like to ask you some more information to help figure out the best way to help:

  • Are you using Mockups 3 for desktop or myBalsamiq, our web version, maybe?
  • Did you create a project with multiple pages named to the default “New Mockup 1”, “New Mockup 2” and so on or did you put all your elements in one page?

Based on the information you’ve shared here, I think the best way would be indeed to rename your pages. This will make the links easier to manage.

Please let us know if you need any further help with this, we’re here to help! :slightly_smiling:


I am using Mockup3 desktop for Windows. I just turned off the mockup navigator and created web page after page. The way I created a new web page is “copy and paste” the existing web page within a project to another web page. After all these web pages creation, there is no way to name them. That is my problem.



Thanks for sharing the details with us @williamcfun.

Would you mind sending your BMPR file to us so we can have a look? We will keep your data in the strictest confidence and only long enough to help with this issue.