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Linking Wireframes and automatic sitemap



I’m working wireframes with more than 30 pages and I’m using links to navigate between them. Everything looks good, but I wanted to know if there is any way to auto generate a sitemap and it takes into consideration the links between pages.

I did try the button “Populate from project” but it only listed all the pages of the wireframe, any ideas if this can be done automatically?



Hi @petacka

Thanks for your post.

The ‘Site map’ control can autogenerate your map and include links to the individual wireframes in your project if you are Using Mockup Hierarchy.

From there, this document explains how to use that in conjunction with the ‘Site map’ control: Generating Site Maps Automatically.

Would you like to give that a go and get back to us with any questions?

All the best,



Wow, thanks for the quick response, I’m trying it right now and it works lovely, I see that I can have only 5 levels of hierarchy with this, is there any limitation of levels?

Thanks again!


Hello again @petacka

That is the limit to the number of levels of hierarchy and, unfortunately, there’s no way to increase it. If your map is growing beyond that limit you could consider splitting different nodes of your project into separate projects?

All the best




Thanks again for the quick response, I’ll try to do it, if not I give you a shout! :slight_smile:

Take care!