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Links Dropdown - Suggested Enhancements

I use a standard template for all my projects that includes a set of 30+ indented mockups.

A subset of these can be seen here:

The default set of mockups that come with every project are nested underneath a “Templates” mockup that I often collapse to keep clutter minimised.

The challenges with this setup is that linking from a button to another mockup is fiddly:

There are several areas this could be improved:

  1. Mirror the indentation of the “Wireframes” panel in the Links select box. (This would be a massive help.)
  2. Highlight the current mockup I am editing somehow. I am usually linking to a mockup that is a few places above or below the current mockup and spotting it in a list of 100+ mockup can be tricky. (This highlight will need to be different from the highlight used to indicate the currently selected markup that is linked to. Maybe it could be disabled because there would be no point linking to the current mockup.)
  3. Perhaps consider matching the state of expanded and collapsed between the Wireframes list and the Links select box. So that I could collapse a section I wasn’t working on in order to focus on the current section i was working on. (I don’t know if this is necessary were the above enhancements available.)

The above tweaks would make working with large numbers of mockups and maintaining links between them much easier.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Awesome, Paul! These are great.

I combined 1 and 3 into one story. It turns out that you’re not the first person to ask for those, so I added your comments to that story. :slight_smile:

As for #2, I can totally see the use case here. I wrote up a story for it, and we will talk about it.

Thanks, as always, my friend. Keep the ideas coming.

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Thanks @Brendan. :slight_smile:

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