Links on shapes are too small when text covers shape


When there is text (or something else, most likeliky) over a shape, the clickable area of the link in fullscreen mode and the exported pdf becomes very small in the top left corner of the shape instead of the full shape. See attached pdf file:
New Project 1.pdf (7.6 KB)

This gets annoying rather fast.


Sorry for the hassle with that one, @bhaering.

The good news is that this bug has been fixed by the team already and it will go live with the next update we push.

Thanks for the report!


Thank you for the good news. Will I have to update my projects somehow for that links to work normally again in presentation mode (obviously I will update the PDFs)?


The only action required will be to update the add-on to the new version when we release it. On the other hand, PDFs will indeed need to be exported again from that new version.

Any questions, we’re here!