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Linux path forward / roadmap


With Linux support being dropped, I am interested to know the path forward and roadmap for B3 with our team.

One option is to use B3 in a VM or emulator, but I would like to find something a bit easier. We have loved using desktop, but we also tested out the gdrive plugin. We manage all of our internal documents in gdrive so it made sense. If I remember correctly though we ended up sticking with desktop because there were too many desktop features that didn’t exist in the gdrive version of balsamiq.

So my question is what is the roadmap for gdrive and B3? More specifically will they be in feature parity or will gdrive hang behind for quite a while? If they are kept in sync, then I think gdrive may be a good option for our team.


Hi @abierbaum, sorry for not replying earlier. We plan on bringing all the B3 goodness to the Google Drive plugin VERY soon after the Desktop version comes out (think weeks, not months. We are testing it already).