List of Improvements/Suggestions [Feature Requests]

I have the following feature requests, that would make using Balsamiq a lot easier:

  1. I would like to be able to make icons smaller than 10x10
  2. I would like to be able to make containers and other widgets smaller than 10x10
  3. It bothers me that when I create a tab, and then put something BEHIND it…I can see the line going thru my tab. If it’s not overlapping, why is the line visible? The users can’t tell what tab is active because of this line
  4. I would like to be able to make the List item transparent

Hey @raptoria,

Thanks for taking the time to send these suggestions our way. We love stuff like this!

You aren’t the first person to ask for being able to make elements smaller than 10x10, so I will give the developers a nudge and see where we stand on that.

Unfortunately, our icon sizes are dictated by Font Awesome, so we don’t have a lot of control how small they go.

As for the tab issue, would you mind posting a screenshot? You wouldn’t be able to see anything that the tab is covering up, so if there is a bug here, I’d like to get as much information as possible to pass back to the devs.

Finally, you can make a transparent list if you combine a rectangle and a text control. It’s not the best workaround, but it should work in a pinch. I will see what we can do about adding transparency to the list control itself as well.

Thanks again, Christina! Feature requests really help us make the app better, so I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you taking the time to share these. I’ll stand by to get more information about the tab issue. :slight_smile:

Icon Size- It’s possible to set an icon to any pixel size using FontAwesome in the web browser. I can understand having a standard for “XS”, but what about a free form Font-size field that lets me set it to whatever I want?

Here is what my tabs look like:

That’s super weird, @raptoria. Are you running the latest version of Mockups?

If so, would it be possible to share your project with us at We would like to take a closer look as what is causing that.

Sorry again for the trouble. We will do everything we can to get it sorted.

Nevermind, I realized the ‘bug’ was caused by the fact that I had the opacity on my tabs container set to 50%. Is it possible to allow for a wider range of grayscale colors? I think I was using opacity as a workaround for that and forgot about it

The background color of the container can be set in the property inspector. It should accept any hex color value.

Are you looking to change the color of the tabs?

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