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List of mockups using a specific symbol


Hey there,
I have an idea that I’m sure other would love to see implemented. If you know me, you know I use symbols extensively in my projects, typically with 80+ mockups and sometimes I need to track down an issue.

So, I go to the symbol section and look to see where the symbol is used which is shown in the lower right corner. (This is a big help but it only shows a few without scrolling and I cannot expand the area. Every time I click on one and then come back, I have to scroll through the list again to get to the next one I want to check.)

Now, when I click on one of those mockups shown in the list, I’m taken to it - great but, now I have to either go back to the symbol section by using the drop down menu at the top or click on the symbol in the mockup and select edit source - this can get annoying when there are 50 mockups that use the symbol and also, based on PC rendering capabilities, could take a few seconds, or more.

So I propose a menu option that offers a full list that I can get to from any mockup just by opening a menu option from the top. Maybe from the View or Windows menu.

I would imagine that the list would be loaded when a symbol is selected and would retain the data until the next symbol is selected or, make it a sub-menu with a few options to make it more versatile. It would be a big time saver.

Hope you agree,
Mike P.


That could be useful, Michael. Let me pass it back to the dev team, and we will talk about it. :slight_smile:

As always, thank you, my friend!


PLEASE keep me informed of it’s progress or demise.

I would be grateful.


Happy to, Michael.

You may have to give us a poke in a month or two, however, as we are pretty heads down on some big updates for all of our apps.

No feature ever truly dies here, Michael. All of them, even the ones we swear we will never do, are only one good conversation away from implementation. :slight_smile:



I was hoping for a new release in a week.

LOL, just kidding…:sunglasses:


Perhaps the mockups in which the symbol appears could be highlighted in the left hand panel? (With a control to stop the highlight/filter.)


Added your suggestion to the request, @paulshoughton. Thanks for joining the discussion. :slight_smile: