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Living in a Material world

I hesitate to post this again- but look, we can’t deny that Material is heavily influencing designs and design language.

Now, I know pixel-perfect mocks aren’t supposed to be what balsamiq is about - the point is to make the content, functionality and IA king.

But, for example, when I add a tab bar for a Material-centred project, it should look more like a Material tab bar (e.g. and less like a MS Windows '98 settings dialog.

Yes, I know I can download from WTG - but these widgets won’t behave as nicely as they would with a custom Inspector panel.

Something needs to be done… what I don’t know… maybe we can all brainstorm ideas together… perhaps some UI Library items could be categorized into a new Material tab, with special alternate presentation toggles…

Ending on a positive with a compliment: I really like the ability to add alternate frames, and lately, liking the ability to treat anything as markup via quick keyboard shortcuts, like side margin comments text (along the nicer circles I make instead of the callouts which look a bit funky with the off-centre numbers).

Cheers all,


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Hi @buzzgary and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

We don’t have any immediate plans for this but I’ll make sure to add your vote for adding such items to the tool since it seems to be an important part of your workflow.

We like the versatility of Wireframes to Go elements for specific requests like this one but I’ll make a note that you’d rather have default options for those (and thus more granularity there).

Thanks again for your input! :slight_smile:

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