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Locked-ratio resize wigs out with snapping


Bit of a confusing title there, so let me break it down:

  1. I wanted to add a circle with a white background and a thick black border over the top of an imported image, which I thought was possible but turns out not to be (I tried the outline circle icon, which doesn’t provide an option to set a background colour, and I tried a shape, which supports borders but only 1px).
  2. No problem, I thought: I’ll add a large circle outline icon, and draw a circle shape behind it, as a work around.

I wanted to make the circle re-size equally in all directions, so I held down shift and dragged the corner handle of the shape item.

However, I discovered that if even when you’re holding down shift to re-size an item while maintaining its aspect ratio, the shape will still snap to guide lines, and this will override the fact that I’m holding down shift.

I feel it makes little sense to ignore a user’s explicit mode choice (Re-size while maintaining aspect ratio) to snap to guidelines. Sure, show me guidelines as I resize so I know at which point the shape is equal either side of a guideline, etc., but don’t ignore my explicit instructions!

If you’ve got any reason not to implement this change, please let me know them! I can’t think of any so I’m very curious.


Hey Anthony!

If you want to ignore snapping (while still preserving the aspect ratio) you need to hold shift + cmd (on Mac) or shift + ctrl (on Windows.) More info on that here:

Let me know if that solves your issue!


Should have known there’d be a keyboard shortcut for it!

Yes, that solves my issue - thanks!