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Looking For "Fun" and Editable Shapes/Designs


Hi there!

I am designing some mobile app wireframes and wanted to add some “fun” shapes to the background of many of the screens.

Shapes like squiggly lines, smiley face, etc.

However, I would like to be able to edit the color of these “fun” shapes.

Any idea where I could find something like this? I really appreciate any help :slight_smile:



Hey Zach!

I just replied to your email and mentioned Mockups to Go, but I would love to hear if the community has any resources for this as well.


Thanks Brendan! Sorry for asking in so many different ways.

I will attach the screenshot I sent you in here as well to see if anyone else has ideas :slight_smile:

(I am looking for shapes/icons similar to the ones seen in the circles, but would like to be able to edit the color on them as well).