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Lost all my mockup files

I had about 15 files in my project. exported it to pdf as well. Lots all the files now…
Anyway we could recover. Searched my files system, couldn’t find, any place I am missing to look.


Yikes @mcode, I’m sorry about that.

Let’s check the backup folder first to see if there is a copy of the files there.

Next, if you open Mockups and go to Project > Open Recent, does your project show up? Can you open it from there?

We will start there and dig deeper if neither of those things works.

I’ll stand by for your reply.

This has just happened to me as well. Has anyone managed to resolve this issue?

I just lost my mockup file that’s due for an assignment today, so it’s a bit of an emergency.

So sorry to hear that, @Robyn_Ford!

Have you checked the backup folder, as suggested above?

We’ll do everything we can to help!

I have not checked the backup folder – I can’t find it. According to the instructions, I should be looking for the LocalProjects folder because I have saved it at least once. But I can’t locate this. Please will you direct me there?

Sure thing! The easiest way is to use the “About” dialog, as suggested here.

Let us know if you need more assistance.

It appears there is a serious bug here somewhere. Out of nowhere today I starting getting a repetitive cannot auto-save message. I thought it was a network hiccup but it didn’t resolve itself. My master mockup bmpr file completely vanished. Attempting to open the local back up and save as also failed - stuck on thumbnails. Basically everything (exports, save as) failed to work expect for one thing. After crashing out of the app many times and trying everything I could think of, manually copying the local backup file to another location, closing the app and opening the copied local backup file eventually worked. What a mess - but I did manage to recover the file which is 47Mb reduce to 39Mb after some housekeeping. This was a major hassle and I know has happened to me previously as I had to resort to a network backup to recover.

This is a great tool which I use commercially on a daily basis, would be great if you can resolve this issue please.

Hey @Les

Really sorry about that, my friend, but I’m glad you were able to recover from backup. I would recommend turning off Autosave by going to Project > Auto Save Every Change. That should stop this error from happening in the future.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much more we can do here as these issues result from collisions between your network drive syncing, and our autosave trying to save the file.

What happens is that the network drive locks the file so that it can sync it and our app says “hey wait, I wanted to save that”.

In the worst scenario (which is sounds like you hit), the lock happens as the autosave is happening, which can corrupt the entire file because the save doesn’t exit gracefully.

All that to say, turning off Auto-Save should solve this issue entirely.

I’m really sorry you hit this bug, Les. I wish there was more we could do about it.

I have had the same problem today! All my mockups disappeared and the Auto-Save is working! Guys, this is a serious bug and should have been fixed.

I am not sure if it’s the same case, but yesterday I had all my mockups, and today… they were gone!!!

So sorry to hear that, @dgruberger. I’ve just replied to you email and we’ll stand by for your response there. We’ll do everything we can to help you recover this project.