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Lost Wireframes from Project stored in Cloud

I was working on a series of wireframes for a user story for the next sprint and switched to another wireframe to do an update required for the current sprint. When I went to go and continue working on the wireframes for the user story for the next sprint I noticed they where gone.

Need to present to Director on Tuesday. Not allowed to work on Weekend and am on leave on Monday.

I have checked trash and they are not there.

Is there any way to get them back even if it is not what they where.

Hi @RuthKennedy,

So sorry for the trouble. I’ve just replied to your email but sharing it here too.

​Have you tried looking into the Project History to see if you can locate the desired changes?

​Could it be that someone else working on the project made some changes to this specific wireframe?

Don’t hesitate to reply to the email directly as it will be easier to share some specific (or private) information via email.

​We’ll do everything we can to help!