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Love for Mockupstogo?


Is Mockupstogo gonna receive any love. Ever since you moved it to Mybalsamiq it feels to me, like you don’t pay attention to it anymore?

At the very least the submissions seems to be kingd of ingored. I submitted something 3 years ago. Mike said, he would copy it soon. Nothing happened (

I actually preferred it back then, wen it was on I just could subsribe to to feed and search easily. (You cannot search well on MyBalsamiq).

BTW: I just posted something new. Something that helps me quite often…


Hi Roland. Sorry for not replying earlier, we had some internal discussions about this first.

In the short term, we are committed to cleaning up the submission queue. You should see it get much cleaner in the next couple of weeks as we all pitch in to bring things up to par and moved to the right places.

In the mid-term, we are going to change how the submission of new mockups is done to make it easier for us to keep MTG up-to-date.

In the longer term, we’ll see if maybe myB is the right spot for MTG or not.

But first, let’s clean up that submissions project! :smile:

Thanks for the much needed kick in the pants.


I moved your submission BTW, thanks for sharing it!


Do you prefer by email?