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Macros | Is it possible to use multiple macros


Is it possible to use multiple text macros within a text control

More specifically the color and size macros.

I was trying to make a logo the other day based on Sublime Text 3. My goal was to make the S in Snippets a different color and size, than the rest of the word.

I tried nesting the color and size macro, but it doesn’t work.


{color:orange{size:122}S{size}{color:light orange{size:12}nippets{size}}}}

I think what happens is the JSON based bmpr file interprets those macros as part of the mockup itself.

Main question, is this possible?


Hi @win7guru

Yes, it is possible. The tags cannot be nested in the way you did it. All our macros have an opening and a closing tag. You did it for size but not for color.

Here is the corrected text:
{color:orange}{size:122}S{size}{color}{color:light orange}{size:12}nippets{size}{color}


Oh, now I feel silly. I assumed that the syntax would follow nested format, but I am glad your way is possible. Thank you very much @Florian_Brauer