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Magic Keyboard and remote access to a Mac make my Balsamiq IPad dreams come true

I love Balsamiq. I’ve been using it off-and-on since about 2009 and am currently using Wireframes Desktop. However, I’ve always dreamed of it working on an iPad which would enable me to not carry a MacBook Pro . That may be coming (and I’d love to be on a beta list), but I have finally found a workaround.

Previously I had tried remoting into my office Mac and using the Pencil to control Balsamiq. It doesn’t work well. Recently, however, I got Apple’s Magic Keyboard. Today I tried remoting into my Mac and running Balsamiq from the iPad using the Magic Keyboard. For me, it works flawlessly. I am just as fast now on the iPad as I would be at my Mac.

Granted, I need to a Mac that is running Wireframes on it. I also am using Parallels Access, which is a fairly speedy remote access app. Oh, and I need the $349 “magic” keyboard (it may work with just a mouse on the iPad… I don’t know). But given all these caveats, I finally have an iPad solution that is fast enough that it will be my default solution for creating wireframes.

Some day I hope to have a native alternative but this is game changing for me, today.


Hi @Josh_Mann,

Great timing, we are currently exploring options for making the mobile experience better.

Thanks for sharing your experience, I’ve added you to the beta list! :slight_smile:

Second that. I use Screens to connect to my remote Mac, to use Balsamiq Wireframes. Works flawlessly with the magic keyboard.

Still, having a native iOS app could be even better (I believe). Having the ability to just draw and have shapes appear based on what I draw would be an awesome addition making me even faster on the iPad than on my Mac. One can always wish, right? :slight_smile:

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