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Make new version look like the old version


Hey Mock-up Team!

I’ve just got a shiny new laptop, and that required a new installation of Balsamiq and I’ve found quite a few changes which are “a vexing” me. Top amongst this list is that the UI library is now at the top, rather than at the side - can I move it?

Secondly, bmml are no longer associated properly with Balsamiq, I have to drag the files onto Balsamiq to open them - any ideas?

Finally, we used to have nice tabs on the bottom to swap between mock-ups, we now have MASSIVE windows on the left - is it swap backable?




Hello Matt!

We made a transition guide which should help get adjusted to the new version a bit:

Here’s some answers in the meantime:

  • The UI library is now only on the top, it cannot be moved
  • BMMLs are not associated because v3 uses a new format called BMPR (see the transition guide)
  • The window on the left is not swappable but you can resize it to make it smaller.


Shame on the UI changes, the new interface isn’t really designed for laptop screens, more for larger monitors. The file format change make sense and pretty useful. How do I make the section on the left smaller?


For the UI library, I highly recommend hiding it and using QuickAdd if you can. We added thumbnails to it so it should be even more approachable now.

For the right-hand side, CTRL+; is your best friend to toggle it.

For the left-hand side, you should be able to hover over the right edge of the navigator and drag left to resize it.


Quick Add is perfect - I can definitely swap to that, thanks. Keyboard short-cuts are great, thanks.